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Library Media Center Mission Statement

Mission Statement
The mission of the school library media program is to be an integral part of Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School and its surrounding communities; to provide collaboration with staff to create authentic learning for all students; to provide quality resources and instruction to students and staff; and to encourage staff and students in becoming effective users of ideas and information.

(Lanke, R. David. Expect More, Demanding Better Libraries for Today's Complex World)

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Summer Reading Requirements 2020 - COMING SOON!

Dear Families,

     Summer is almost here and summer reading is the expectation for all Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School students, including incoming freshmen.  New this year, all students are required to read at least two books.  

     BOOK #1: As we’ve done in the past, the first book is an open-choice book and can be fiction or nonfiction, but must be written for young adults or adults.  

     BOOK #2: The second book is a whole-school summer read titled ?

     When students return to school, each English teacher will assign a Summer Reading Project for BOTH the open-choice book and whole school read.  Past assignments have included book talks, Goodreads book reviews, and creative projects based on the books such as movie trailers, children’s book adaptations, sculptures, music playlists, and more.  In addition, for the whole-school read, the plan is to have featured speakers come and share their thoughts with our students and staff about the book.

     Please note that students entering A.P. English Language and Composition or A.P. English Literature and Composition courses have a separate summer reading assignment, but all students, including those in these A.P. classes, will be expected to read the whole-school read as well.  Students who are enrolled in these courses will be given the additional A.P. summer reading assignment before the end of school year by their teacher.

     For all students with Google school logins and passwords (this excludes incoming Freshman), please consider choosing a book from the SORA collection located on our library website  Here you can download a “great read” to any device.  For students with access to Learning Ally, you can download an audio book, including the whole-school read.  Our goal for summer reading is to keep students reading throughout the summer and to unite the school through a book about qualities or strengths that inspire us and that we think are important to talk about when students return in August.

     If you have any questions about summer reading, please contact Mrs. Garron, our school media specialist, at [email protected], or Dr. O’Toole, Director of Academic Programs, at [email protected].

     Thank you, and read on!