Under Rose-Tainted Skies.

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  • Author(s): Holt, Erin
  • Source:
    School Library Journal. Nov2016, Vol. 62 Issue 11, p100-100. 1/5p.
  • Document Type:
    Book Review
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Imagine this: your groceries have been delivered to your home, because you don't go shopping. Inconveniently, they have been left just outside against the house, where they sit in the sun. If you are Norah, this is a catastrophe, since venturing out of the house alone is terrifying. Luckily, however, she gets unexpected help from Luke, the new guy next door. Normally, she wouldn't be welcoming, but Luke is interesting. When her mother ends up in the hospital, leaving her temporarily in charge of battling her demons on her own, Norah and Luke, who has his own issues, take realistic baby steps toward each other. Debut author Gornall, who based Norah's illness on her own experiences, allows readers open access to Norah's tormented mind. Describing anxiety, Norah observes, "It's the brassy bitch at school that I don't like, but being her BFF makes me popular. . . . I don't know how to be safe without it." Pair this with John Corey Whaley's Highly Illogical Behavior (2016) for a complementary story about a teen boy experiencing agoraphobia. Copyright 2016 Booklist Reviews.

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Seventeen-year-old Norah has incapacitating OCD and agoraphobia: she hasn't been outside of her home, except to see her therapist, in nearly four years. After a cute boy named Luke moves in next door and takes an interest in her, Norah manages to fight her urges to hide away, slowly befriending him and showing him who she really is, phobias and all. Norah's unease permeates the pages ("Musings, meanderings, conversations that haven't even happened run in one continuous loop around my head"), leaving readers with a deep understanding of the limitations of her conditions. While Luke's almost-too-good-to-be-true patience and persistence help spur Norah to push herself in new ways, Gornall doesn't minimize the role of therapy in the progress she makes nor the difficult work that still lies ahead for the teenager. Through Norah's poetic internal monologue, Gornall, whose own experience with mental illness helped inform Norah's story, provides an intimate glimpse into the mind of a young woman battling some very real demons. Ages 12–up. Agent: Mandy Hubbard, Emerald City Literary. (Jan.) Copyright 2016 Publisher Weekly.