A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

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  • Author(s): Bennett, Sue
  • Series:
    Study and Revise for GCSE
  • Publication Information:
    London : Hodder Education Group. 2016
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    • Abstract:
      Exam Board: AQA, Edexcel, WJEC, WJEC EduqasLevel: GCSE (9-1)Subject: English LiteratureFirst teaching: September 2015First Exams: Summer 2017Enable students to achieve their best grade in GCSE English Literature with this year-round course companion; designed to instil in-depth textual understanding as students read, analyse and revise A Christmas Carol throughout the course.This Study and Revise guide:- Increases students'knowledge of A Christmas Carol as they progress through the detailed commentary and contextual information written by experienced teachers and examiners- Develops understanding of plot, characterisation, themes and language, equipping students with a rich bank of textual examples to enhance their exam responses- Builds critical and analytical skills through challenging, thought-provoking questions that encourage students to form their own personal responses to the text- Helps students maximise their exam potential using clear explanations of the Assessment Objectives, annotated sample student answers and tips for reaching the next grade- Improves students'extended writing techniques through targeted advice on planning and structuring a successful essay- Provides opportunities for students to review their learning and identify their revision needs with knowledge-based questions at the end of each chapter
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      9781471853524. 9781471854422.
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