When we collided / Emery Lord.

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    • Abstract:
      Summary: Can seventeen-year-old Jonah save his family restaurant from ruin, his mother from her sadness, and his danger-seeking girlfriend Vivi from herself?
    • Notes:
      School Library Journal starred, February 2016
      Voice of Youth Advocates (V.O.Y.A.), February 2016
      School Library Journal starred
      Voice of Youth Advocates (V.O.Y.A.)
      Young Adult Follett Library Resources
      Young Adult
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Booklist Reviews 2016 March #1

A transplant to the sleepy beach town of Verona Cove, California, Vivi would stand out anywhere with her Marilyn Monroe hair and effervescent personality. When she meets Jonah, still grieving his father's death six months ago and holding his family—including five siblings and a mom that can't get out of bed—together, Vivi infuses his life with joy, love, and adventure. But there's a dark side to Vivi's intensity, and when her bipolar disorder rears its ugly head, she is forced to face the truth about herself. Can she stay in idyllic Verona Cove or must she return to the mess her disease left behind at home? Through dual narrators, Lord sucks readers into the fully realized world of two teenagers and their messy, honest families. As much about the fragility of the human experience as it is about mental illness, this offers a refreshing perspective on a spectrum of mental health disorders. This love story veers away from tragedy, instead firmly entrenching itself in hope and possibility. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2016 Fall

Bipolar seventeen-year-old Vivi is escaping home (and her meds) in Verona Cove, California, where "townie" Jonah is trying to keep his family afloat after his father's death. The two quickly find themselves in a relationship as confusing and intense as one of Vivi's manic episodes. Both characters' experiences read true, but Vivi's voice--which changes poignantly and seamlessly with her moods--steals the show. Copyright 2016 Horn Book Guide Reviews.